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Providing Hope to Those in Need

317 Housing Solutions is a non Profit Organization that helps our clients with community resources by the form of financial assistance and by providing food, clothing and household items.  We always seek and accept donations that will help us further our mission to prevent homelessness and provide hope. If you or anyone you know is interested in making a donation of any kind please email or call 317-668-8558

-Donations are welcome and not limited to

Financial assistance for deposits

-Application fee assistance 

-Security deposit and 1 month bill payment

-Bus pass 

-Phone bill assistance 

Food assistance

 -Grocery store drop offs or gift cards

- Clothing assistance such as gifts cards to clothing stores or dropping off clothes for distribution

-Household items and furniture or gift cards to those stores

 -Gift cards to store for toiletries and feminine products

 -Gift cards for pets ESA'S and service animals 
Again these are some of the requested items and will are always open to other items that families may need as well. 

Donations : Renting
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