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Family Real Estate

How Does It Work?

- You will be assigned a Housing Counselor at enrollment and will meet regularly to discuss your progress. 

-Once you enroll, you will complete the 2 enrollment links that come in your confirmation email and you will submit your credit, criminal and income. 

-Your HC will review your credit criminal and income and create a Housing Profile Portfolio which includes housing recommendations and an action plan for each client.
- We will use your Housing Profile Portfolio to build your Housing Plan with qualified housing leads and companies that match your personal background.
-Your HC will also do a review of the landlord or company to avoid housing scams and wasted money.
-We have our clients sign an Authorization to Release form so we can communicate and mediate between the Client and Landlord.
- The 317 Housing Solutions Co. will deliver a housewarming gift shortly after move in.
*- Your HC will be there to provide any community resources that you may need during your lease term. 
-After moving in, your HC will continue to be there for your support and guidance should you have any issues with your landlord or any neighbors.
When available, we can provide the following resources: Bus pass Food Clothing Household Items Household Furniture Moving Assistance Cell phone bill assistance Discounts to local stores, events and attractions ETC...
As always, 317 Housing Solutions is ALWAYS in need of any donations that may help our families. For donations, please contact 

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