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Hello my name is Monique S McClellan

I am coming to you in my upmost time of need As of Monday 9-13-2021 me and my four children have become homeless I have lost my job due to Covid-19 causing my children to have to stay home and me catching COVID-19 as well as my kids catching the virus and I am a single parent I had maintained my bills and rent as much as I could I feel behind several months sooner than later my housing company filled for a eviction rather than having an eviction on my name I had to Put our things in storage and voluntarily leave yes i do have income on a steady base At this time we don’t have anywhere to go I have one hand in cash $506 I will be getting us a hotel room until the money runs out I am asking desperately for some help anything that I can do to help myself if you could point me in the right direction please and thank you Ms. Mcclellan 708-378-5464



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